To create a better world where people are connected to one another warmly so that everyone can live comfortably and happily without being lonely.


[God of Travel] The vision is to create every activity and gathering worldwide so that everyone can be connected and enjoy the best travel of their own in their tired daily lives.


<aside> 🌐 [God of Travel] The values employees are aiming for are as follows:


Optimization of Localization

[God of Travel] creates activities that people need to gather for, in Seoul, Asia, and anywhere in the world, and makes necessary gatherings for the world. Therefore, we respect diverse people worldwide and optimize our localized communities.

Safety and Trust

The activities and gatherings we create are the safest and most trusted. We are responsible for safety and trust until the end.


We strive to solve global environmental and social problems first to create a sustainable world, find companies and people who can solve them, and create synergy through collaboration.

Innovation and Redefintion

Until now, the trip has been something to see. But we redefine it as a trip to meet, not a trip to see. We innovate activities and gatherings to change stereotypes about life and travelling, creating a better world for us.


We challenged a world that was easily frustrated. We create new challenges on the world stage, always creating dignity with diligence that does not give up despite difficulties.


[God of Travel] is always ready to be the first pioneer. People always remember only the 'first'. As successful pioneers with challenges and adventures, we reach the top.

CEO Message

Logo and the Picture

<aside> 🌐 The reasons for creating [God of Travel] are as follows:


So that no one is lonely and everyone can be comforted and happy

[God of Travel] is the world's first global travel community platform created to create a better world where people connect warmly so that everyone can live comfortably and happily without feeling lonely.

“I feel lonely even with my family, school, and work friends. Previously, everyone could talk together, such as screening movies and popular TV dramas in theatres, but now it is difficult to find topics that people can talk about together about what they like. I feel lonelier because my co-workers and even my friends don't have the same taste as me. It's too scary to meet someone who I am interested in through an online community. I can't trust what kind of people they are. It's hard to find someone to talk to because people always look tired. Now, taking Instagrammable photos, going to famous restaurants, and staying at trendy hotels make you feel lonelier without being recharged. I want to relieve my daily loneliness and recharge my creativity by meeting new people. I want to meet people who fit well with me, do meaningful things, and receive greater rewards and recognition.”

I've come to recognize this loneliness as the most important social issue, especially after COVID-19, as a quiet epidemic that hurts people around the world the most. Online connections and such connections and travel do not relieve the essential loneliness of humans, but rather the more you spend time online, the lonelier you feel. I focused on a world where people have to face each other and connect well, not on monitors and cell phone screens, and [God of Travel] is trying to solve this problem of "loneliness" through a global travel community.

[God of Travel] platform operates using 4 different categories: